Józef Sarna was born on 21 September 1910 in Pilchów near Rozwadów. He attended gimnazjum in Nisko. After finishing that school he went to military school in Zambrów. He worked in Charzewice afterwards. In 1934 Józef Sarna started working in Tarnobrzeg. He liked working with young people and was respected by local community.
On 1 September 1939 the II World War began. Józef Sarna was promoted to a lieutenant rank. German army was moving very fast to the east and in Tarnobrzeg the defence was organised. Our patron was responsible for the defence of our town. He worked together with other soldiers, young people and Tarnobrzeg`s scouts. On 10 September first German forces reached Tarnobrzeg and wanted to go across the Wisła River. Józef Sarna was in charge of Wisła`s defence and managed to push Germans back. On 11 September lieutenant Sarna ordered supporting units to hide weapons and leave Tarnobrzeg. He decided to defence the town only with five soldiers. He died like a hero on 13 September 1939 about 9 o`clock in the morning. It was clear that Tarnobrzeg was in German hands. Józef Sarna was buried on the river bank.

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