• 2 X 1971 A Primary School No 5 in Tarnobrzeg starts its activity; 376 students are taught by 16 teachers.
  • 1 IX 1974 A regular school changes into combined school that means that according to contemporary educational system it takes care of other similar schools in the nearby area. Such state will last for some years.
  • XI 1974 A building company TPBP cares for our school and supports it financially.
  • 26 III 1977 The school gets its own banner and a patron. A colonel Józef Sarna becomes our patron.
    He was a heroic defender of this area during the II World War. It is created a Memory Chamber where all patron's mementos are gathered.
  • 10 IX 1979 A scout group working at our school is named 'Jędrusie'; former partisan unit soldiers come from all over Poland. The unit was led by Władysław Jasiński who fought against German occupier on this area during the II WW.
  • 2 X 1996 A solemn commemoration of 25th anniversary of coming our school into being; a special commemorative plaque devoted to our patron was unveiled in the school's hall.
  • 1 IX 1999 Due to some changes in our educational system apart from a Primary School No 5 a new school Junior High School No 3 is created. It is named Zespol Szkol No 3.
  • 27 X 2001 The school celebrates its 30th anniversary. There are 55 teachers and 866 students there.
  • 1 IX 2004 Zespol Szkol No 3 is transformed into Junior High School No 3. There are 58 teachers and 751 students here.

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