Project meetings

Birże, Litwa 1-6.III.2010

   Visiting Lithuania was another fantastic experience for teachers and students from our school. All of us have fond memories of extraordinary hospitality and warmth of all Lithuanian people. All people responsible for our stay in Biržai did their best to make us feel good on the Lithuanian grounds. They also did everything to supply us with as many attractions as it was possible. There was no time for boredom. The trek of the beautiful old streets of Vilnius was for everyone the time of deep and unforgettable emotion and experience. We also liked very much the trip to the Kryžiý kalnas – an unusual shrine of Lithuanian pain and hope. Our Lithuanian friends showed us not only the most beautiful places in Lithuania but they also took us to Latvia – another fascinating country. Visiting Riga (the capital of Latvia) has brought many interesting and positive impressions as well.

I am sure that despite very cold weather all participants of the trip to Lithuania have really warm recollections of it.




Thessaloniki, Greece 19-24.X.2009 

   From 19th to 24th October 2009 we participated in the 4th Project meeting in Greek school EPALS Kalamaria in Thessaloniki. On Monday the Macedonia Airport welcomed us with the blue sky and sunny weather. At the hotel  in the suburbs of Thessaloniki we met all our friends from other partner schools. On Tuesday our hosts showed us their school: classrooms, laboratories and the assembly where our first official meeting took place. We could meet with the headmaster of the Greek school, the representative of the Mayor of  Kalamaria. We saw presentations prepared by Greek students and could admire the show of traditional Greek dances. Some of us even tried to dance! In the afternoon our Greek friends showed us the beauty of their District Kalamaria. We finished the day at the café in the marina. The sunset was amazing.

   On Wednesday we went sightseeing to the main part of Thessaloniki. We saw almost the whole city: The castle and the city walls, church Agios Dimitrios, Rotonda, church Agia Sofia, the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the symbol of Thessaloniki The White Tower, where we spent nice time on the promenade. In the afternoon we went to the ecological vineyard run by Gerovassiliou family, where we could see the whole process of making wine and the vast area full of vines. Thursday we spent on trips. In the morning we went to Vergina to see Vergina Royal Tombs Museum (where father of king Alexander the Great was buried) and in the afternoon we went to see the beautiful waterfalls of Edessa, the capital of the Pella prefecture. Our last day we spent again at school where we participated in numerous activities prepared for us by Greek teachers and students. The end of the visit was the farewell supper late in the evening where we had a chance to taste traditional Greek food.

   We left the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and hospitable Greek teachers and students on Saturday afternoon.

Photos from the visit in Greece


Slatina, Romania 26.IV-1.V.2009 

    The visit to Romania was the third meeting within the Comenius project - “ The joy of reading, the joy of creating ”. Poland was represented by a delegation of four students and four teachers. The schedule that all delegations were presented with consisted of numerous activities. Not only did we learn about the Romanian system of education but we also had several trips organised which gave us a good feeling of how amazing Romania is. It is enough to enumerate a visit to Dracula's castle as well as a tour around the city of Sibiu which is considered to be the cultural centre of Romania. All delegations enjoyed the Romanian cuisine which for some foreigners was much different from what they usually eat.

    The program included a meeting with the local authorities during which all delegations had a chance to present their hometowns and exchange presents. On the day before the departure the Romanian hosts organised a great show for all the Comenius participants, the Romanian kids and their parents. It is worth mentioning that Polish delegation was the only one which had prepared a little show beforehand. The audience reacted rapturously and rewarded Polish kids with a lively applause. When the plane was taking off we all knew we were leaving good friends behind  whom we all would like to meet once again.

Photos from the visit in Romania


Miranda de Ebro, Spain 16-20.II.2009

     Visiting school in Miranda de Ebro we could extend our knowledge about Spanish school system and the way our partner school is organized. Spanish teachers and students did their best to show us what they knew about our countries. We could participate in special lessons and artistic programmes prepared for us. Our Spanish friends showed us the most beautiful places of their region. We could visit Burgos with its famous cathedral, move back to the prehistoric times in Atapuerca, see what is the way from the bunch of grapes to the bottle of La Rioja red wine and admire the landscape of the Vascue country. Moreover, we were lucky to have beautiful weather in Spain and last but not least we visited Madrid – the capital of Spain and its most magnificent places.

Photos from the visit in Spain


Tarnobrzeg, Poland - 3-9.XI.2008

     It was our first meeting so we had to know each other better but from the first moment we knew that it would be unforgettable meeting. On the first day we met all the foreign delegations in Cracow and we could show them one of the most beautiful and magnificent cities in our country. Then we welcomed the delegations at our school and had a chance to show them our town. Next, we prepared four special lessons. Two of them were the first steps to writing the first chapter of our "wandering book". We prepared the artistic evening where our students and our guests could present their skills in singing and dancing. Moreover, we showed our guests a lot of beautiful places: Sandomierz, the castles in Baranów Sandomierski and Łańcut, the glass balls ornaments factory in Nowa Dęba and the heritage park in Kolbuszowa. The teachers had a chance to meet and discuss project matters and the students to meet and have a very good time as a special disco was organized for them.

     Although it was the beginning of cold November, it was the warm time in our hearts because we enjoyed every minute of our first meeting.

Photos from the visit in Polan


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